Self-publishers; readings from new novels; poetry and bookcover mural

Open 10am – 2pm Free events in Byrne’s PopUp Bookshop: books, readings, poetry, mural creation


Thanks to Byrnes Books & Toys for providing from their shop the paper, non-toxic textas / crayons / pencils you can use to create a BookCover of your favourite book.

Noon -12.30pm Self – Publishing with Andrew Haworth. After a successful time at 2019 Listowel Writer’s Festival, Andrew will talk about how you can self-publish and what steps you need to take. Informal. FREE EVENT

12.45pm -1.30pm Shanway Press, publishers and printers, read from two newly published Irish writers based in Northern Ireland: Crime Novelist, John McClintock and Thriller writer, Michael Sands . FREE EVENT

Finding Arthur: Betrayal and revenge lurk in the shadow of the Good Friday Agreement was published in May 2018 and is John McClintock’s first crime novel. It has had great praise with a 5 star rating on Amazon and in a review by Brian Rowan, an established Northern Irish Journalist and Author, he stated that the book “reminded us of a peace that was hard won; of its high price and of why it should never be taken for granted. His work of fiction has given us something to think about.” Set in 1999 after the Good Friday Agreement, Journalist Arthur Williams has reported numerous Troubles stories including the notorious Newry Bombings which killed 23 people. The IRA gang responsible were jailed thanks to the evidence provided by an informer. However, due to the terms of the Good Friday Agreement the gang are released early and are determined to get their revenge on the informer. Arthur is abducted within days of their release, is there a connection? When the case is handed to DI Quinn, a man with a short fuse, SAS-trained Sergeant Gillian Rice is assigned to keep an eye on him. A witty, sharp and engaging debut thriller which weaves through the Belfast, Bangor and County Down countryside in a compelling story of vengeance. 

Tadhg and the Pockel is a thriller that was published in May 2017 and was written by Michael Sands, it was positively reviewed by Irish News who described the book as “a storyline that will have you in stitches, whether you are into trad or whether you think it is just the same tune played over and over again.” 

Tadhg has had hangovers before but this one! Waking up outside? In the Glens of Antrim? In the priest’s garden? He’s really outdone himself. The priest won’t forget this visit anytime soon. What’s taking them to Baltimore? What is a Pockel anyway? Why is Tadhg’s dead mum writing him letters? Strap yourself in, tune up your fiddle and join Tadhg and the lads as they head south on the trad road trip of a lifetime. 

3.30pm – 5.30pm Byrne’s PopUp BookShop: The Athenaeum BookCover Mural is on Display

3.30pm – 4pm John D. Yates Poetry Reading from As Ever (2018).

John will help you appreciate disability does not affect ability! His collection of 28 poems As Ever released in December 2018, are insightful and passionate. His brother Ivan may be a talker but John has his own voice. Enjoy his poems!

John D. Yates