Cursed Murphy Versus The Resistance

Venue: Presentation Centre Date and time: Saturday 6th July 9.30pm Purchase tickets, price 10 euro, by clicking here

Presenting Cursed Murphy Versus The Resistance: a mash-up of spoken word performance, cinematic guitar soundscapes and big beats, featuring Cursed Murphy, aka spoken word performer and novelist Peter Murphy (John the RevelatorShall We Gather at the River), Dan Comerford (Frankenstein Bolts), the Gangnus sisters Rebecca, Tamara and Jasmin, and Kevin Dillon (all members of street drum crew Bloco Garman).

Together, the sextet generates a full-on sensory experience that combines the power of poetry, storytelling and theatrical psychodrama with the visceral attack of rock ‘n’ roll, ambient atmospheres, and warlike Brazilian-influenced rhythms.

The first Cursed Murphy single ‘Foxhole Prayer’, released last September, was chosen as Hot Press magazine’s track of the day, and received airplay at home and on the BBC. The ensemble are currently recording their first album. Veteran music journalist Jackie Hayden wrote the following in his review of the ensemble’s Wexford Arts Centre set last July:

“Murphy – alias music writer novelist Peter Murphy – set the mood with an intense performance of Louis MacNeice’s poem ‘Prayer Before Birth’ that leapt off the page and thoroughly rattled and hummed through the venue. From his novel Shall We Gather at the River the Cursed One gave us a forlorn extract called ‘Lost Alice’, abetted by Comerford’s chiming guitar while the drums added a mix of menace and awe. Later, a spoken piece took us into a rap and drum-driven ‘Foxhole Prayer’ that may be destined to become the central focus of Murphy’s stage outings. It took us somewhere beyond despair, teased out with Comerford’s jagged guitar and a nod to Beckett… Murphy has become a magnetic performer who enables us to marvel at the generally unacknowledged celebratory power of the written word when performed rather than merely read.”

Photo credit: Michael Duggan
Photo of Cursed Murphy courtesy of Michael Duggan