Hello Delia Murphy with Carmen Cullen

Friday 5th July 2pm The Presentation Centre 10 Euro

No woman performer made a bigger impact on the Irish Entertainment scene since Delia Murphy. In the late 1930s, all through the war years, and for may years afterwards, she had the nation singing along with her in songs like The Spinning Wheel, Three Lovely Lassies from Bannion, The Moonshiner and Dan O’Hara. She was a unique personality on stage and off, and is credited with laying the groundwork for the Irish Folk Revival.

This talk is special for the following reasons:

·        Hello Delia Murphy is told and Delia’s songs are performed by a family member.

·        The event provides a unique slant on Irish Social History and the cultural climate of the times.

·        It underlines the fearless nature of Delia Murphy as a woman and as a singer, who promoted Irish folk songs and ballads at a time it was almost impossible for a married woman with children to have a public profile, in particular in the show-business world.

·        This illustrated talk allows audiences to re-connect with their past and sing along with songs much loved and fondly remembered.

·        Delia was married to Ambassador Thomas Kiernan and Hello Delia Murphy looks at how he helped her in her career, despite the fact that an Ambassador’s wife should he seen and not heard.

·        The talk explains Delia Murphy’s meteoric rise to fame and how the tradition she began has been taken up by well known ballad groups and performers, to the present day.

The novel ‘Hello Love‘ by Carmen Cullen was published by Liberties press in November 2017.