Paula Campbell, Poolbeg Publishing

Meet The Publisher

           … want to be seen one day on World Book Day …         
                                   on the web … in bookstores?
EVERY year that we have made the opportunity for you to “jump the queue” and be put in physical contact with a publisher, there has been a success story!

This is an amazing opportunity to avail of … and as it is via ZOOM again …. international writers are welcome to submit a synopsis. Your investment to meet a publisher is €50.

In 2013 and 2018, 2019 and 2020 this event resulted in a number of success stories.

In 2013, Caroline Busher and Joan Brady bypassed the slush pile and placed their sample chapters directly into the hands of Trace Literary Agency, who then went on to secure them both a book deal with Poolbeg Press.

We congratulate Pamela Hobbs who met Paula at the 2018 Wexford Literary Festival’s Meet The Publisher. She has recently been told that she has secured a THREE BOOK publishing deal with Poolbeg Press. Congratulations Pamela!

Hannah McGiven in 2019 who has been exponentially rising as a star throughout 2020!

TWO from the 2020 interviews have received contracts!!! Names will be released later.

Successful applicants will be given a ten-minute slot with Paula Campbell, Publisher, Poolbeg Press 

and this will be conducted using ZOOM.

The  publisher will NOT have read your synopsis. That is used to cull the applicants and so go into your pitch knowing that they know NOTHING.

Terms and Conditions:

Your Submission:

You are to write a synopsis or summary of your story ;

an extract that shows your writing style, perhaps in the context of your overview of the storyline;

why you believe your work should be selected;

around a page max.

It is your pitch to make a panel want to select YOUR book/YOU as one of the prospective authors to be interviewed by Paula Campbell. On the day, the Publisher WILL NOT have read your Synopsis.

Submissions are accepted from 4 March – 31 May, 2021

Payment of €50 via online bank transfer. We will EMAIL you our bank details once we have received your synopsis.

In the bank transfer put your LAST name +MTP

 Submit your synopsis to :, and reference it as follows:

SUBJECT: Meet The Publisher + your name.

Attach your synopsis to that email.

Limited to one entry per application. You can submit more than one story at the same fee.

Open internationally. Any travel or other expenses incurred are the applicants.

MAXIMUM of 24 writers. 

Successful applicants will be notified  by late-June by email.

Applicants must have 3 sample chapters (Up to 6,000 words maximum) available to show the publisher. 

Good luck