Denis Collins Visual Art Award



Award Prize: 200 Euro Deadline for submissions to the visual art exhibition, Response, Text Redefined is 4pm on Friday 21st June 2019. For details and information please email or call the Presentation Arts Centre on 0539233000.

The Wexford Literary Festival in conjunction with the Enniscorthy Arts Trail & the Presentation Arts Centre are seeking applications from visual artists to participate in a joint exhibition of work entitled; Response, Text Redefined.

This pilot project entitled Response was established in 2018 in conjunction with the Enniscorthy Arts Trail and saw four artists; Larry Dunne, Oonagh Latchford, Kate Tyrrell and Nadia Corridan respond to literature from established Irish writers; Shane Dunphy, Carmel Harrington, Sheila Forsey and Caroline Busher with work exhibited in conjunction with the Wexford Literary Festival.

This year, artists are invited to submit a response to any form of text that has influenced the artist or their practice in any way. 2019 sees the Response exhibition open to any author in the world that has had a lasting effect on an artist in some way and whose theme or overview resonates within their work.

Response, Text Redefined will be on display throughout the Wexford Literary Festival with the exhibition running from Friday 5th July until Saturday 10th August. The exhibition will open on Friday 5th July at 6pm along with the Wexford Literary Festival Awards and Judging of the four shortlisted Billy Roche International Short Play Award plays at the Presentation Arts Centre.

Spaces are limited to 50 for submitting artists; artists must collect a canvas and complete a submission form, both available at the Presentation Arts Centre, and return both before 4pm on Friday 21st June. Pieces are limited to 6 inches x 9 inches in size and work must be submitted on canvases supplied by the Centre. Canvases and forms are available for collection at the Presentation Arts Centre from Monday 27th May. There is a €10 hanging fee per artist to be made payable upon collection of canvases.

All submitting artists in 2019 will be considered for the new Denis Collins Visual Arts Award in recognition of the late Denis Collins, who sadly passed away earlier this year and who contributed greatly to the arts community in County Wexford and continuously supported the development of the Wexford Literary Festival. Denis’s efforts to support the arts in County Wexford will be honoured with this award.

The festival aims to attract national and international writers and readers and lovers of literature to gather and enjoy its eclectic programme of readings, workshops and awards events as well as unique fringe events including exhibitions, music and drama performances set around the picturesque historic town of Enniscorthy. 

BELOW IS 2018 RESPONSE TO LITERATURE. Larry Dunne was an artist selected to participate in this event. He has his first solo exhibition launch, Quare Taken, Saturday 6th July. READ MORE